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Dreaming 5GW: Invisible War

Posted May 03, 2009 17 comments

"Whoever finds me will kill me." --Gen. 4:14

5GW and marketing have a great deal in common. The one similarity I'd like to emphasize here: effective techniques are constantly mutating so fast that written theory is basically an autopsy. By the time we can recognize a pattern or strategy, it will be useless to actual 5GW operatives. It's hard to overstate the speed of the turnover here -- basically, what worked in 2011 will not work in 2011.

My Personal Dream of 5GW

image The core tenet of Invisible Warfare is this: circumstances dictate. This is not a cop-out, but a rigorous challenge to expand your personal power, because most of the time, what circumstances dictate will involve skills you don't currently have.

That core tenet contains the first imperative: situation awareness. Circumstances can change in a second and you need to maintain focus and awareness. This more complicated than merely "paying attention" -- our human brains have built-in biases and design flaws that are hard to counteract, even after we've become aware of them. What you see is seldom what you're looking at.

"Thanks to telegraphs and modern communications, commanders are flooded with a tsunami of almost meaningless facts."

--Naval manual from 1949

It's impossible to achieve situation awareness when we're constantly distracted, and unable to isolate the important details from the meaningless noise. There are several aspects of warfare and power projection, all taken for granted as nescessary, that I believe are counter-productive although not useless: secrecy, violence, and intelligence.

Secrecy only matters when secrecy matters. In my own experience, it seldom does. Bear in mind that real secrecy is extremely difficult to maintain -- an intensive demand on time and resources.

Violence is only nescessary when violence is nescessary. Again, it can usually be averted or avoided, and more importantly every non-violent resolution you can create will increase your network and your strategic power. Rather than destroying your enemies, make them tools, if not allies.

Intelligence-gathering should be critical, and I'm not advocating that you run around blindfolded. I am cautioning against the downward spiral of paranoia, the disinformation hall of mirrors, and most of all, the delusion that your assumptions and information are correct. Awareness of the present moment trumps any and all models, patterns and beliefs that exist in your monkey head.


The Death Spiral of Containment and Control.

Here's one more common mistake, which is both counter-productive and useless: the strategy of containment and control. Government power is achieved through their population base: citizens generate the income, obey the laws and serve in the military, voluntarily or otherwise. Because of the extreme strategic importance of maintaining this power base, governments spend an absurd amount of resources on the containment and control of their civilians.

Fortunately for those of us on the recieving end, containment and control are both impossible goals. We're raised to imagine a grid of defined nation-states with precise borders, but in reality the entire system is riddled with tunnels, shortcuts, criminal networks, secret alliances, holes and cracks and just plain blindspots nobody's noticed yet. Perhaps you will.

Centuries after the myth of entropy first took hold, people are still catching up to the common-sense work of Ilya Prigogine, who demonstrated that "closed systems" exist nowhere in nature. By interacting freely with our environments, we free ourselves from the heat-death of entropy, but modeling our communities after a closed system is a literal death sentence. Endless books have been written about the advantages of collaboration, freedom of speech, open source development and globalization. Actually applying that logic is difficult, opposed by the powerful vested interests of those who have become wealthy and powerful protecting the sheep.

The containment and control system is dangerously stupid, and free humans have an imperative to disable that system wherever possible.

Invisible Warfare

The definition of warfare is being reconsidered, but the discussion among generals and academics is secondary to the more hands-on approach of global terrorists, field commanders, organized crime, religious cults, tech companies, and upstart corporations.

There is an evolving martial art of systems disruption that is radically skewing the power balance between individual humans and the existing control and containment system. Put bluntly, with open knowledge and legal tools, you personally can fuck shit up on a catastropic scale.

Global civilization is inevitable, and terms are being negotiated as you read this. Most of the humans on Earth are not part of these negotiations -- only a vanishingly small minority of powerful, connected and wealthy people. This is inevitable, too: why would the powerful negotiate with anyone else?

As officers Dunlap claim in their recent essay America's Greatest Weapon:

"There is really no escape...Today's captains carefully cultivate information sources among the locals as the Army’s new counterinsurgency manual teaches them to do. Schooled in the manual, such captains deliver offers the insurgents can’t refuse: be captured or be killed.

These are exactly the kinds of dilemmas the U.S. military loves to impose upon our enemies."

Systems disruption changes the containment and control game by offering a third choice: stalemate. This is somewhere between a Masada self-sacrifice and Mutually Assured Destruction. The social contract needs to be radically re-negotiated to accomodate citizens who are capable of crippling society itself.

Containment and control is no longer an option because of this precise problem of empowerment. You only need to protect citizens who are incapable of defending themselves -- the entire complex of "homeland security" and border control relies on ignorant, disempowered citizens -- helpless normal folks. This is not written for them.

Without the excuse of protection, government control and intervention become a naked power play. The choice is presented to you as "be captured or be killed." Submission equals life, resistance equals death -- the Military of a "free country" parroting science fiction monsters like the Borg. Systems disruption offers a third choice, but at great cost. Frankly, it's pretty stupid, but nescessary, because it brings us to a higher synthesis...

Invisible Warfare as Militarized Nomad TAZ Dowsing

In the interest of the proliferation of dangerous ideas, I'd like to propose a fourth alternative: organized groups of friends forming mobile TAZ units -- camouflaged as a circus, a business, or a music group if need be...but better yet, disguised as nothing at all and functionally invisible. Military manuals refer to this core discipline as Survival, Evasion, Resistance and Escape (SERE) and these TAZ units would be able to scatter into individual parts, disappear from view and recombine elsewhere.

This obviously involves a high degree of planning, training and reliable tools and technology. All of which translates into "hard work."

Barring a well-placed shot to the back, the classic rhyme is true: "He who fights and runs away, lives to fight another day." However, it's important to know which way to run. When you are attacked by either domestic law enforcement or foreign counter-insurgency, their approach will be the same: using a spearhead unit to chase you towards a larger ambush unit. In other words, the first agents you see are the weakest line of defense, and your exits are probably covered.

That's just a single, specific example of the counter-intuitive logic of...well, reality. All power plays and confidence tricks are designed to distort your situation awareness, and you need to discipline your mind to remain calm. If a stance mentality leads to failure, can constant mobility (and invisibility) prevent that -- or does "no stance" just become a stance of it's own?

I'm advocating mobility through national borders, as well. Randomly swinging through small asian nations and undermining the containment and control machine with an unpredictable broadside will do a great favor to the natives. In the aftermath you will create large avenues of escape, and resources previously devoted to domestic repression and genocide will be turned towards a paranoid quest to defend against a threat that will never return.


9. Lurk! Withdraw! Upon them! this is the Law of the Battle of Conquest: thus shall my worship be about my secret house.

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  • 1. Captain Marginal on May 28, 2008 at 5:16 PM permalink

    Spot on, man. Liber AL definitely is relevant here:

    “58. Yea! deem not of change: ye shall be as ye are, & not other. 
    Therefore the kings of the earth shall be Kings for ever: the slaves
    shall serve.  There is none that shall be cast down or lifted up: all is ever as it was.  Yet there are masked ones my servants: it may be that yonder beggar is a King.  A King may choose his garment as he will: there is no certain test: but a beggar cannot hide his poverty.

    59. Beware therefore!  Love all, lest perchance is a King concealed!  Say you so?  Fool!  If he be a King, thou canst not hurt him.

    60. Therefore strike hard & low, and to hell with them, master!”

    Grant Morrison, from 9/16/01:

    “It’s been very strange these last few days to watch what I can only identify as the incoming ‘Horus’ current, ripping through our certainties and complacencies with the force of a twin-engined Rolls Royce jet. I’m almost sorry now I had the pop avatar of this ancient Middle Eastern deity write ‘FUCK YOU’ across Manhattan in flaming letters this time last year.

    Be careful with the hypersigils folks and go read the prophetic MARVEL BOY trade again if you want to hear what our new baby god has to say about our future.

    Horus is the Lord of Force and Fire. He levels and destroys, in order to rebuild anew. Horus, like all children, wants to play. He can’t be fought - he’s younger, faster and stronger than all of us and always will be because he is a powerful, living archetype. He does not like restriction and if restricted will explode in our faces. He is the Spirit of the Age and he likes to play with fire.

    The twin towers of the World Trade Center represent the pylons of Tabu on Tarot trump 18, also known as the Moon. The moon card is a signifier of illusion and the twin towers represent the gates into the unconscious world.

    Their destruction in this week’s monstrous assault on thousands of unsuspecting people, signals an end to America’s illusions about itself, its purpose and its boundaries. The isolationist image of a proud cowboy nation using super technology to defend us all against Cold War evil empire nuclear missile attacks is shattering along all its fault lines. Superman has just been exposed to Kryptonite. The American Century is very clearly over now as the shift in global power moves away from hi-fi monolithic, ‘individualistic’ structures towards lo-fi, viral cell culture models.”

  • 2. Mr. Nowhere on May 29, 2008 at 7:11 AM permalink

    Very informative, to say the least. You’ve got my mind going in ten directions at once now… I wasn’t sure what exactly it was you were alluding to in previous postings, but now I think I’ve got some sort of grasp on it:

    Analogous to a benevolent mafia that employs guerrilla marketing techniques as a martial art form?

    Hakim Bey’s essay on Tongs is pretty close to a lot of what you’re saying:

    Tong Aesthetics

    “We might think of the “Bee” as a temporary immediatist group organized for one project (like a quilt). But even the Bee must both be and produce a “work of art”. The Tong by comparison can be defined as a more long-lasting group, theoretically “permanent”, devoted not to one project but to an on-going “cause”. But what makes a Tong different from an open group, like a sect or political party? The members of an Immediatist Tong or TAZ core-group may not be held together by strong class, ethnic, geographical, or economic motives; moreover, the collaborative production of non-commodifiable art cannot be considered by itself a sufficient cause for the formation of a secret society. “Illegalism” per se may add cohesiveness to the group structure, but still cannot serve as the only raison d’etre of a real Tong. Insurrectionary action or “social sabotage” provide even stronger motivation for a clandestine “order”—but not yet enough, perhaps, for a full-scale “invisible collage”. Without “Tong aesthetics”—no Tong.”

  • 3. Mr. Nowhere on May 29, 2008 at 7:27 AM permalink

    I think this may have actually been the essay I was recalling rather than the above. Although that one is relavent as well.

    “A Tong can perhaps be defined as a mutual benefit society for people with a common interest which is illegal or dangerously marginal - hence, the necessary secrecy. Many Chinese Tongs revolved around smuggling & tax-evasion, or clandestine self-control of certain trades (in opposition to State control), or insurrectionary political or religious aims (overthrow of the Manchus for example - several tongs collaborated with the Anarchists in the 1911 Revolution).

    A common purpose of the tongs was to collect & invest membership dues & initiation fees in insurance funds for the indigent, unemployed, widows & orphans of deceased members, funeral expenses, etc. In an era like ours when the poor are caught between the cancerous Scylla of the insurance industry & the fast-evaporating Charybdis of welfare & public health services, this purpose of the Secret Society might well regain its appeal. (Masonic lodges were organized on this basis, as were the early & illegal trade unions & “chivalric orders’ for laborers & artisans.) Another universal purpose for such societies was of course conviviality, especially banqueting - but even this apparently innocuous pastime can acquire insurrectionary implications. In the various French revolutions, for example, dining clubs frequently took on the role of radical organizations when all other forms of public meeting were banned.”

  • 4. Thirtyseven on May 29, 2008 at 8:02 AM permalink

    Reader email:

    “Stupid, cowardly, dangerous.  Stupid because it’s nothing new, you just re-stated guerrilla warfare.  Cowardly because the SERE mobility you advocate is just a means of creating chaos and escaping the consequences, leave the locals to deal with it. Dangerous because you make it all sound pretty cool, and it’s not.”

    I say, fair enough. All valid criticisms. “Cowardly” reminds me of “selfish,”’s more of an emotional insult than an actual point. Survival is a selfish thing.

  • 5. Thirtyseven on May 29, 2008 at 8:05 AM permalink

    Hakim Bey and William S. Burroughs are both major sources and inspirations, yeah.  Bey’s work is public domain and I’m explicitly referencing TAZ, so I’m going to truncate the full reprints into links w/relevant quotes.

    Also, we’ve just added more fancy comments—extended formatting options, which was long overdue.

    I’ll be doing a “linkdump” library-style post in the aftermath of the 5GW project which will be huge, long, and full of Bey/Burroughs.

  • 6. Liquid Sin on May 29, 2008 at 9:34 AM permalink

    Hey, now one thing perplexes me: people form societies because of mutual benefits. As you said ”Containment and control is no longer an option because of this precise problem of empowerment.”, and this indeed touches the topic of protecting the people who cannot protect themselves, however, the SEI or just damn good, smart and fit will be able to fend for themselves without the federal bullshit.

    Ok, lets forget about safety, what about… health? I mean it seems damn hard to pack the whole of humanity into one or even a couple of people. I’m not even talking about persons such as neurosurgeons, but hell, what about dentists? I believe that a physicist is able to repair or build a shitload of things and workout a fuckton of other, but are there limits? Being a comando-farmer-hacker-engineer-pyrotechnic-strategist, what about being a damn dentist?

  • 7. Thirtyseven on May 29, 2008 at 10:05 AM permalink

    Really? Dentistry? That’s the biggest challenge you can think of?

    As for you main question, “are there limits”—haven’t found any yet.  I hear there’s no oxygen in space, but that could be a massive con, who knows. Every generation gets faster, bigger, smarter, sexier, stronger and more talented. 

    The only limits are the ones you accept.

    Bonus advice: brush and floss every day, avoid corn sugars, eat apples and carrots.

  • 8. Eric Patton on May 29, 2008 at 11:41 AM permalink

    Improved learning, memory, and reading capabilities would be required for anyone to get very far in being self-sustainable at that level. But then these techniques to get this higher level of performance have been around for 20-60 years, they just haven’t had widespread adoption.

    Qi Gong and Tai Chi can help out with the health aspects, though it won’t drill a cavity out of your teeth.

  • 9. Eric Patton on May 29, 2008 at 11:53 AM permalink

    And given the US’s declining healthcare system, many people may not have a choice…

  • 10. Liquid Sin on May 29, 2008 at 12:01 PM permalink

    Heh, I know I sound awfully like the law abiding citizen quietly yelping for Big Brother to come and save me, but dentistry was just an example. The thought that’s in my mind is, won’t there be a step along the way, between todays society and the totally empowered individual, like a group of more empowered people, that still aren’t the SEI?

    I believe that the average intelligent Joe,if suddenly stripped of all luxuries, would have the know-how to survive, and be better off than people a century or two back, thanks to HIS acquired knowledge (which starts really equaling power instead of a job). It’s just the fact that, maybe it’s my own (young and shamefully constricted mind) that makes me doubt whether a fully universal individual, able to totally take care of himself and combat any opponents would be able to survive for a longer period of time, although on the other hand just looking at my physics book makes me rethink these doubts.

  • 11. Thirtyseven on May 30, 2008 at 8:31 AM permalink

    Well, SEI is just one concept in the mix here.  Neitzsche is still waiting on his Superman to show up, too.  Time takes time, I’m not claiming this will happen in, say...2012 or something. 

    Or 2050, for that matter. 

    As for your “group of more empowered people” transition phase, I have to ask—did you actually finish reading this?

  • 12. Rafi on May 30, 2008 at 5:47 PM permalink

    Can you explain what you mean by the myth of entropy?

  • 13. Thirtyseven on May 30, 2008 at 7:19 PM permalink

    Definitely—the “myth” I refer to is that entropy actually applies to reality.  It’s just a math construct, yet kids are taught to take it as literal fact.

    The law of entropy states that in a closed system, available energy is always decreasing as disorder increases.  The tricky part is “closed system”—we can barely establish a closed system in a controlled laboratory setting, and in the real world it’s a total impossibility.

    There’s also the fact that we live in a Universe with no observable spatial limits, so we can’t conclude that the sum total of everything is even a “closed system.”

    “Dissipative Structures” are a mathematical way of stating what’s obvious upon observation: all systems interconnect, and waste products of one system are the energy input for another.

  • 14. prunesquallor on May 31, 2008 at 4:25 AM permalink

    An entropy measure can be defined for pretty much any function, the entropy measures how predictable the outputs are from the inputs, and can be interpreted as how much information there is in the function, where information is measured in bits and we require n bits to distinguish 2^n possible states of the system.

    So if you have, say, a future-predictive physical formula, the “entropy in the system” measures how much your formula’s accuracy decreases going forward in time. It is not a measure of the error, it is a measure defined on the imaginary system described by the formula. The system is “closed” because it has to balance on each side of the equals sign, so the total “energy”, i.e. information in the system is conserved. (Google “Noether’s theorem” to see what kinds of physical systems (most of them) have such conservation laws.)

    So “entropy always increases”, not necessarily in the real world (which would entail a META-physical proposition which may not be justified) but it always increases in our MODELS, which are ideal, closed systems.

  • 15. Thirtyseven on May 31, 2008 at 5:01 AM permalink

    ^^That’s an excellent summary of what entropy is useful for...thanks, man.

  • 16. D. L. on Jun 28, 2008 at 6:40 AM permalink

    Came here from web site. My observation is that 5GW and contain and control systems is one of the reasons THEY want to break down the family and destroy small community groupings. I think the family is probably the strongest 5GW force that there is, so THEY must create as much chaos within the family as possible. Then, there is the community.

  • 17. jonn3 on Nov 20, 2008 at 9:10 AM permalink

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