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“Changing Images of Man” in PDF Format

Posted Apr 28, 2009 13 comments

UPDATE 11/11/08: Apologies to those readers who've been trying to get ahold of this fascinating document. We switched servers recently and neglected to transfer a lot of PDF files -- entirely my mistake. This is the single most-requested item in the Library, so here's an OCR scan of the 1974 forgotten classic:


Changing Images of Man SRI report Changing Images of Man is the stuff of legend -- but the actual document is way more interesting than the conspiracy theory that surrounds it. It's an undeniably weird document, though, and even the most airbrushed versions of it's origin and history make for mind-expanding reading.

Changing Images is especially interesting today because the "future crisis" it was written to avert is now coming to pass. The Stanford Research Institute gathered a diverse group of brilliant thinkers and asked them to imagine how to change the entire world. Today it makes for occasionally challenging but rewarding brainfood.

When I first got ahold of this document, I thought it was the blueprint for world government and Willis Harman's beloved "Global Mind Change." There's no secret formulas here, and no admissions from the secret society. There is a robust and still-valuable body of work about how to change human culture for the better -- I'd like to think that's more useful. Let me know if you agree.

  • Pentagon Red Teams: Get a Job Overthrowing the Government
  • Electromagnetic and Acoustic Weapons: Knowledge is Power
  • The United States is the Least Free Nation in the World
  • The Rosetta Stone of US History: Quigley’s “Tragedy and Hope”
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    • 1. Maceo on Nov 13, 2008 at 4:51 AM permalink

      Found this through your Twitter—the introduction has been very heavy so far.  I can see the parallels between this kind of “Forecasting project” and what we’re doing with Superstruct, but this SRI version was definitely Closed Source—at least with Superstruct it’s open to everyone.  I think this leads to a more diverse and valuable final product, but I’m still very curious about a few chapters here....thank you!

    • 2. Mike on Nov 14, 2008 at 8:54 AM permalink

      This book was scanned by a member of and was available on their tracker. You should give them the credit and not just post it like you did it yourself.

    • 3. Thirtyseven on Nov 14, 2008 at 5:46 PM permalink

      It was given to me via email, and my Internets Ego is sorely wounded by your accusation that I’m stealing from people I’ve never heard of.

      Fact is, they probably stole it from me.

    • 4. Mike on Nov 14, 2008 at 8:13 PM permalink

      You never had the right to post it in the open.

    • 5. Thirtyseven on Nov 14, 2008 at 8:20 PM permalink

      You’re adorable! Clearly you want to engage me about this, so let’s get into it:

      1. You never had the right to tell me what my rights are. Can you see the insanity built into that sentence?  To whom should I be appealing for the “rights” to post a scanned PDF of a library book?  Can you understand why I find your claim to ownership of second-hand stolen property in digital format to be amusing and difficult to take seriously?

      2. Your motivations are a mystery to me. I’m running this site because the machinery of social control fascinates me, and because I want to share information with people.  You, on the other hand, seem to have a vested interest in controlling information.  Why?

    • 6. Stupid Man on Nov 15, 2008 at 12:51 PM permalink

      OK man, so right now there’s no conspiracy?

    • 7. Thirtyseven on Nov 15, 2008 at 12:53 PM permalink

      You’re asking me?  I’m flattered you’d think I can answer that.  No clue, brother, no clue.

      My guess is there’s at least ten thousand of them going at any given moment, but it’s only a guess.

    • 8. Thirtyseven on Nov 17, 2008 at 2:08 AM permalink

      Thanks to Cryptogon for giving this increasingly relevant document a shout-out with this update:

      “World Asked to Help Craft Online Charter for Religious Harmony”—actual headline, interesting concept.

    • 9. nathan on Nov 17, 2008 at 7:47 AM permalink

      a lackey for a Stormfront-esque torrent webpage complains about someone distributing a presumebly illegal (albeit I imagine no cease-and-desist letter has been issued--rights unexercised are rights lost) scanned copy of a document they also distribute in violation of the original copyright? O, teh LULZ

      Anyone checked out Changing Images 2000? It’s amazing the degree to which the conspiracy resembles some Ken Wilber Spiral Dynamics seminar. Who could have known? Though since my tin foil hat is always a little on, it did cause me to upgrade Ken Wilber from “Where Does Niche Publishing End and Personality Cult Begin?” to “New Age Theorist with Ties to SRI Goons.”

    • 10. Nathan on Nov 18, 2008 at 3:04 AM permalink

      anyone catch the NPR’s “Take Away” (nat’l morning program, not sure which station does that, I think Boston?) piece on how humanity might be at a stage of “evolution” where it can accept a “secular monotheism” to unite itself? I could have sworn that someone had just gotten out of a lodge meeting and stepped out of his time machine from the French Revolution. tin foil, it’s a way of life

    • 11. anonymous on Nov 19, 2008 at 11:13 AM permalink

      The lesson about conspiracy theories is that you have to start your own to get things done.  You have to know more about how their mind works then they do.  Then you can start your own conspiracy and imprint either good or bad stuff on the collective unconscious.

      Is there a conspiracy?  You bet, there are a bunch.

      Can you start a conspiracy and change the world?  You bet.

    • 12. KK on Jan 20, 2012 at 12:14 AM permalink

      PS - the book is from 1982…

    • 13. KK on Jan 23, 2012 at 6:46 PM permalink

      Some observations from reading the .PDF:

      The last few paragraphs at the end sum up two major “camps” talked about in the book. It’s basically the entire book in a nutshell:

      “While actions and policies in keeping with the ”technological
      ” image would involve no great wrenching in the near term, they could lead to catastrophe or to “friendly fascism” in the longer term. Actions and policies in keeping with an ”evolutionary transformationalist” image, on the other hand, might increase the level of seeming disorder and chaos during a transition period in the near term but later lead to a more desirable society. While the choice is not necessarily one that our society as a whole will or should make con-sciously and deliberately at this time, it is one that confronts each individual who is willing to accept responsibility for the future-rather than simply adapt to whatever the future may bring.”

      Funny thing...the book shows the US is turning directly into a “technological extrapolationist” society (vs the “better” “evolutionary transformationalist” society). This seems like a pretty solid conclusion as of 2012.

      This mirrors precisely the setup talked about by Rudolf Steiner in his lecture “The Ahrimanic Deception” - 1919:

      “Thus these two poles - the Luciferic and the Ahrimanic - are continuously present in man. Viewed historically, we find that the Luciferic preponderated in certain currents of cultural development of the pre-Christian age and continued into the first centuries of our era. On the other hand the Ahrimanic influence has been at work since the middle of the fifteenth century and will increase in strength until an actual incarnation of Ahriman takes place among Western humanity.”


      Luciferic influence = “evolutionary transformationalist”
      Ahrimanic influence = “technological extrapolationist”

      More or less.

      A summary of the Steiner lecture by Wim A. M. Leys of the Netherlands:
      “The ‘West-people’ of England and North America will develop the material-mechanical occultism. They will be able to create machines, mechanical
      devices which work with hardly any human effort; which work with the help of the ‘Laws of Sympathetic Vibrations’. These machines will do about 90%
      of the work, and all the social and material trouble of work as we know it now, will cease to exist.”

      His last sentence blows it/wrong conclusion. The SRI book explains why.

      “Lucifer is the power that stirs up in man all fanatical, all falsely mystical forces, all that psychologically tends to bring the blood into disorder and so lift man above and outside himself. Ahriman is the power that makes man dry, prosaic, philistine - that ossifies him and brings him to the superstition of materialism. And the true nature and being of man is essentially the effort to hold the balance between the powers of Lucifer and Ahriman; the Christ Impulse helps present humanity to establish this equilibrium.”

      What I’m getting at is...the writers of “Changing Images Of Man” are well versed in these “occult” topics...they “pretend” it’s just another modern textbook.

      They drop this one in the “Guidelines and Strategies” final section:

      “We start with five premises that grow out of the preceding discussions.”

      “2. There are increasingly evident signs of the imminent emergence of a new “image of man.”

      “Yet it is not new, since traces of
      it can be found, going back for thousands of years, in the core
      experiences underlying the world’s many religious doctrines, as reported through myths and symbols, holy writings, and esoteric teachings.”

      “(In “true Freemasonry” there is one lodge, the universe-and one brotherhood,
      everything that exists. Each person has the “privilege of labor,” of
      joining with the “Great Architect” in building more noble structures
      and thus serving in the divine plan.) Thus this version of the “new
      transcendentalism” (perhaps more than other versions imported from
      the East more recently) has the potentiality of reactivating the American symbols, reinterpreting the work ethic, supporting the basic
      concepts of a free-enterprise democratic society, and providing new
      meanings for the technological-industrial thrust. At the same time, it is compatible with other versions more indigenous to other parts of the globe.”

      So, like, Freemasonry to the rescue eh?
      It’s like the “sneak in the Jesus” play...basically a little “paid product placement” for Masonry....just like a Pepsi can held by Tom Cruise. Freemasonry is all about the “Luciferic” influence. See Albert Pike’s quotes etc.

      Odd book. It’s chock full of stuff that is possibly designed to manipulate the reader. Maybe it’s a tarting up of the Masonic agenda/plan?
      Gotta investigate the backgrounds of the authors. I bet you turn up some “gotchas”.

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