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  • Source Documents About “The Finders”

    Posted Jul 06, 2007

    For anyone researching the dark saga of "The Finders", we provide original source documentation.

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  • Curious Excerpts from HG Wells “The New World Order”

    Many people attribute the "New World Order" to Bush senior -- but it's actually from HG Wells, who wrote some very odd "science fiction" which actually consists of blueprints for social control, and maps of the future as imagined by the wealthy elite.

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  • Omni Interview with Stanley Milgram

    Stanley Milgram was a trickster posing as a sociologist. This interview is incredible rich brainfood -- highly recommended.

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  • 1980 Jaques Vallee Interview with Omni Magazine

    A classic interview with researcher Jacques Vallee -- from 1980, at time when he was neck deep in coverups, psy-ops, accusations and High Strangeness.

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  • Manuel De Landa on “Policing the Spectrum”

    One of our favorite philosophers takes on the military/intelligence mindset -- a very rewarding read for hungry minds.

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  • 2003 NBIC Report: William Sims Bainbridge on “Memetics”

    A fascinating, educational and frightening report from one of the most honest and unabashed Technocrats alive today. This article is heavily focused on the art and science of Memetics, a vague but fascinating discipline that studies literally everything about human culture.

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  • Joe Delgado’s “Physical Control of the Mind”

    Another Skilluminati Research exclusive -- Jose Delgado's infamous and long-lost book about achieving total control over an organism's brain through direct and remote application of electrical currents. Essential reading.

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  • Pentagon Red Teams: Get a Job Overthrowing the Government

    A look behind the military-industrial curtain, examining the people who get hired to test out the vulnerabilities of the national security apparatus by pretending to be terrorists and revolutionaries.

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  • New Zealand Bio-Cosmo-Physics Genius Chris King

    Profiling one of the patron saints of Skilluminati Research: everything-ologist Chris King. Few humans see The Big Picture as clearly (or vastly) as this man.

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  • Charles Tart on the Principles of Aikido

    An important summary of the core concepts behind Aikido, one of the most effective martial arts systems known to humanity.

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