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Justin Boland

I'm not nearly as serious or grim as this website might make me appear. This is a side project of mine, and I'm a very optimistic human being. I'm also very open to contradictory ideas and constructive feedback, and quite willing to admit my opinions and connections are dead wrong. Please bear that in mind: There are no answers here.

Skilluminati Research is devoted to unraveling the system of social control in the Western World. This is not motivated by fear, moral outrage or a desire to "expose the truth" -- I'm just curious about how The Machine works. Here, I study the past century of overlapping currents in economics, behavioral psychology, education policy, marketing and persuasion, media theory, classified technology, and the operations of intelligence agencies. We study the current landscape of computerized surveillance, decentralized warfare, asymmetric conflicts, disaster capitalism, and "Psychological Operations."

If any of this is interesting to you, we hope you will find Skilluminati Research to be useful. All of our work is done by untrained primate volunteers, so if you have the means and the inclination, we appreciate donations of any amount. Thank you.

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